Batwoman will offer fans a unique take on the iconic Batman villain Poison Ivy. Now, The CW has released the first official image of actor Nicole Kang in full costume as the classic DC Comics antagonist.

As comic book fans know, Poison Ivy is a very dangerous villain and should never be taken lightly. She also has a higher level of power than most other of Batman's villains, as she can control plants and other medicinal life in the earth's roots or even in Gotham's gardens. This type of power classifies her as superhuman, whereas other Batman villains have technology or tools they use. However, Batwoman will introduce a version of Poison Ivy fans are not familiar with.


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The recently released Batwoman image shows Kang in a stylish green outfit similar to the ones worn by the classic Poison Ivy. Of course, instead of being the alter-ego of Dr. Pamela Isley, Kang's version was introduced as Mary Hamilton, the step-sister of Kate Kane. After being infected by one of Dr. Isley's plants, Mary Hamilton gained abilities that resemble the classic green mistress of crime. It's uncertain whether or not she'll behave in such a way that resembles Pamela, or if she'll have her own agenda and mission for the seasons to come.

Poison Ivy is typically a villain who battles Batman and is sometimes viewed as a minor love interest to the caped crusader. The original Poison Ivy is known for wooing romantic companions and then killing them with her lethal kiss. Batwoman has been doing a good job at using the lesser-known villains in Batman's rogue's gallery to keep the show alive. It's unclear if this is due to Batman's absence and they're deciding to save the bigger villains for later, or if it's due to DC not wanting to "confuse" people on the upcoming movie plans that might involve these characters.

Batman actually doesn't have his own live-action TV show at the time, even though The CW currently has Superman and The Flash series airing. It's unclear why Warner Bros. and DC don't think that there can be two versions of Batman in different universes or why they won't do what they're doing with The Flash (having a film version and a TV version at the same time). One positive aspect of not using bigger Batman characters is that Batwoman is giving shine to smaller ones who are often overshadowed by Batman and Superman.

Batwoman airs on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.

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