Popular Twitch streamers are known for running subathons to increase their stats on the platform and one streamer has officially broken a record during her subathon. Twitch user Kim "Kkatamina" Mi-young has officially become the most-subscribed-to female Twitch streamer.

There are many women streaming on Twitch and Kkatamina is a fresher face on the platform, having begun her Twitch career in May 2020. Since her debut on the platform, Kkatamina has primarily played Valorant when she isn't in the Just Chatting category. Plenty of fellow Twitch streamers have helped her reach the record-setting subscriber number, including Ludwig, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae.


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Kkatamina officially reached the record-breaking 52,992 subscriber record on November 18 while streaming to an audience of thousands of viewers. Kkatamina was able to become the most-subbed to female Twitch streamer on the ninth day of her subathon which she's been hosting basically non-stop since it started. Her previous highest subscriber number was 45,973, but as of right now she sits at over 54,700 subscribers.

During her lengthy subathon, Kkatamina played titles such as Mario Party Superstars and Minecraft in front of her growing audience. Although the Twitch streamer is typically playing Valorant, the variety of games ensured that her subscribers were seeing new content whether they were fresh to the channel or long-time viewers. The Twitch subathon continues today and Kkatamina looks to overtake Nickmercs' subscriber numbers as the popular Twitch streamer is only ahead by 2,000 subscribers.

Kkatamina's subscriber record breaks the previously set number of 52,992 which was reached by DJ Sintica in September 2021. Her current subscriber count puts Kkatamina in the same league as other popular Twitch streamers like Nickmercs, Gaules, CriticalRole, and xQc. Kkatamina was unable to crack the top 25 Twitch streamers for a while, but now she is in the top twenty on the platform.

Twitch viewers weren't the only people contributing to Kkatamina's explosion in subscription growth as popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae recently gifted a generous $5,000 worth of subscribers to support her. $5,000 worth of subscribers roughly equates to 1,000 subscribers, one of the very significant contributions to Kkatamina's subathon. Considering Kkatamina is continuing her subathon, it's currently unclear what the new record subscriber count for female streamers will be.

Although Twitch has had countless popular female streamers such as Pokimane and Amouranth, none have reached the heights that Kkatamina was able to during her subathon. Subathons are known for significantly boosting a Twitch streamer's growth such as with Ludwig before her. Popular Twitch streamer xQc intends to do a subathon in the near future, while Mizkif ran a reverse Twitch subathon not long ago.

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Source: Twitch (via Dexerto)

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